Ice hockey at 98? Why not?! Chris Zegers visits the oldest youngsters in the world.

They share their inspiring stories, tell about the past century and show that age is just a number, that you can choose to ignore.
Forever Young is not about how to get as old as possible, but about how to stay young.

  • Channel: NPO3

  • Broadcaster: BNNVARA

  • Runtime: 35 minutes

For more than five years Floortje Dessing has traveled the world, making portraits of people who choose live away from modern society.

This season Floortje visits some of them again, to find out how their lives have changed. Can they still cope with the hardship, and how does living in complete freedom shape their thoughts?

  • Channel: NPO1

  • Broadcaster: BNNVARA

  • Runtime: 45 minutes

In ‘Floortje’ to the end of the world’, Dutch TV host Floortje Dessing travels to the furthest corners of the globe to visit people who have chosen to live in a remote place. Driven by passion, a strong conviction, or simply because they followed theirs hearts.

Floortje follows them in their daily lives, to hear their stories and to experience how inspiring it can be to build a life at the end of the world.

  • Channel: NPO1

  • Broadcaster: BNNVARA

  • Runtime: 50 minutes

The kingdom of the Netherlands has around 140 embassies and consulates in the world. Headed by the king’s representatives: the ambassadors. they usually operate discretely behind closed doors, because diplomacy thrives in seclusion.

Floortje is allowed a unique and exclusive insight of the world behind the embassy gates, She follows Dutch ambassadors in their work and daily life.

  • Channel: NPO1

  • Broadcaster: BNNVARA

  • Runtime: 45 minutes

Remco van Puffelen
Remco van PuffelenCo-Founder KOKOMO
“With Kokomo we aim to be a ‘slow eye movement’, putting time and consideration into every story and every shot. Genuine fascination for the world around us is our driving force.”
Floortje Dessing
Floortje DessingCo-Founder KOKOMO
“Telling stories about people all around the world is my driving force. People in all the corners of the world, who broaden our own views.”

Giving back

Over the years I have seen so many people being focused on really making this world a better place. Those people inspired me to start my own foundation: Share Trade. With this foundation we want to focus on education, in a broad sense: to inform, to create awareness and to inspire people all across the world.

With the profits of the first book I wrote: ‘100 plekken waar je geweest moet zijn’, I funded Share Trade. My profit from ‘Floortje naar het einde van de wereld’, plus the other titles will also be donated to the Share Trade foundation.

– Floortje Dessing

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