Floortje Dessing

Telling stories about people all around the world is my driving force. People from all the corners of the world, who’s stories broaden our own views. That’s the focus in my work.

My career started over twenty-five years ago at a local radio station. Since then it has taken me through several areas of the Dutch media landscape. From being a producer at Veronica radio, to making a daily show about youth culture. From hosting programs on various subjects like adventure, racing and ice skating, to having my own midnight radio show on Veronica radio. And eventually to being able to realize my big dream in the autumn of 1999: producing and presenting my own travel show called Arrivals.

In the years that followed I travelled all over the world for the follow-up to that show: Yorin travel, later called RTL travel, for the commercial TV station RTL.

In 2006 I was pleased be able to transfer to Dutch national television, where I created and co-produced the popular travel show “3 Op Reis”, which I co-hosted with several other presenters up until 2014. In that same year it was time for another big dream: creating the human-interest travel show ‘Floortje naar het einde van de wereld’: centered around fascinating people who have chosen to live their lives far away from society.

In 2017 it was time to start another adventure: starting my own production company ‘Kokomo Media’, together with former colleague and renowned TV producer Remco van Puffelen. The main reason for taking this step: my passion for creativity, my desire to be an entrepreneur alongside a very strong wish to continue to work for the national broadcaster NPO. To me, the public broadcast corporation is a very important tool in telling stories, informing the Dutch audience without commercial influence.

That’s the reason I work as hard as I can to deliver strong, independent and inspirational content in the form of the programs we produce.

Besides work for television I have several other projects I work on. Together with my long-term working partner Guido Keff I own a publishing company that specializes in ‘sustainable’ book titles. For more than ten years we have also been running a sustainable clothing shop in Utrecht called Nukuhiva, together with long-time business partner Peter Schuitema. Futhermore I take part in the sustainable clothing brand Kuyichi, also together with Peter. And last but not least: together with four other friends we run a sustainable campsite called ‘Buitenland’ in Drenthe (in the south-east of the Netherlands).

For the past 12 years I have also been, and continue to be, one of the Dutch ambassadors for the Dutch national Red Cross.