Remco van Puffelen

Telling broad stories in an engaging manner is the craftsmanship of a good television programme. It is what I have aimed to do throughout my career.

My first steps in television were at the travel show ‘Yorin Travel’, where I teamed up with Floortje for the first time, as a producer and researcher, and later on as director. After four years of traveling, I went on to make all sorts of television programmes, ranging from home improvement to dating shows, travel shows and animal magazines and from cooking programme to political comedy, as both director and editor in chief.

From 2007 onwards, I have worked within the Endemol Group, in both creative and management functions. I was responsible for the label Haagse Bluf, by celebrity Bridget Maasland, for which we made personality driven shows, animal programmes and celebrity travel shows. I was part of Endemol’s renowned programme development unit. Last years I managed the labels Second Nature, with biologist and adventurer Freek Vonk and TVBV, the journalist production company of interview guru Jeroen Pauw, where we aimed to tell the larger stories of the world, both on tv and in documentaries.

Together with longtime friend Floortje Dessing, I founded my own company Kokomo Media in 2017. A dream came true. With Kokomo we aim to be a ‘slow eye movement’, putting time and compassion into every story and every shot. Genuine fascination for the world around us is our driving force.