Share Trade – Giving back

Over the years I have met so many people who are focused on really making this world a better place. Those people inspired me to start my own foundation: Share Trade. With this foundation we want to focus on education, in the broad sense of the word: to inform, to create awareness and to inspire people all around the world.

I started Share trade with the profits from the first book I wrote: ‘100 plekken waar je geweest moet zijn.’ One of the first projects we funded was an educational project in Rwanda where we helped to rebuild a high school.

We also started a sustainable clothing store: Nukuhiva, to raise awareness about sustainable clothing; clothing manufacturing is still one of the world’s most polluting industries. The profit that I make from the store goes directly back into the foundation.
The same goes for the profit that I receive from ‘Floortje naar het einde van de wereld’, plus the other titles I produce. It will benefit this foundation, allowing me to be able to further build on my dreams.

The next project I aim to realize with the Share Trade foundation is an educational project directed at the viewers of ‘Floortje naar het einde van de wereld’. With this project, about which details will be announced soon, I want to continue to inspire people who are interested in a ‘different’ and more sustainable way of living.